Sanitation:  Homeplace recently transitioned to have trash and recycle pickup provided by the City of Greensboro effective Tuesday, August 10th. Recycle pickup will still be every other week, but will now occur on the same day as trash pickup. The green and brown containers provided by the City of Greensboro must be used for trash and recycle pickup. As always, trash and recycle containers should not be placed in front of the unit before 5pm, Monday, the evening before pickup, and must be returned to the rear of the unit, not the side of the unit, before 7pm, Tuesday, the evening of pickup. Additionally, Homeplace is now provided with weekly yard waste pickup and bulk waste pick up with recyclables. Clarifications regarding these new services can be viewed at the City Of Greensboro web site by clicking on the following, separate, links for each:  Yard WasteRecyclingBulk WasteLarge AppliancesHazardous WasteTire Disposal. The Board would like to thank Prestige Management for their work in obtaining these services for the Homeplace community.

Front Railings:  Front railings were recently inspected and prioritized into four groups to obtain quotes for wood repair or replacement. Quotes are currently being received by the Board. When the Board decides which contractor will be awarded the project, further information regarding this project will be distributed to the community in the near future. The Board anticipates beginning this project later this summer and its progression will be dependent on as finances allow.

Web Site:  The community web site has been recently updated with a few slight changes. It is strongly recommended all homeowners and residents subscribe to the E-mail Distribution List as this tool will be used more often to communicate with the community, and further utilized to distribute community mailings in an effort to reduce the rising costs for copies, envelopes, and postage. The Board does understand there are some homeowners and residents who do not have internet access and for these homeowners and residents regular mailings can continue. The Pet, Trash, Decks, and External Antenna sections located in the General Community Guidelines tab have been updated and a new section has been added for Recycling along with the recycling schedule for your convenience. The Forms and Requests tab has also been slightly redesigned now providing, brief, explained options for submitting any Form Request.

Mailboxes:  All five mailbox stations throughout the community have been recently sanded, cleaned, primed and repainted. Great care was taken to ensure all mailbox doors were not painted shut. Should any homeowner or resident be experiencing any difficulties with their mailbox door that may be related to this recent project please submit a Resident Work Order to have this addressed and corrected as soon as possible.

Entrances:  The Board would like to express their thanks and gratitude to the homeowners and residents who have requested, and have been given approval, to maintain the islands at both entrances to Homeplace with personal plantings. Both entrances will have the same shrubbery with different seasonal flowers so each entrance has its own character. Should any additional homeowners or residents have any interest in assisting with the entrances please submit a Committee Interest Form at your convenience.

Landscaping:  The Board has recently had positive discussions with the landscapers regarding the Homeplace grounds. Heavy to severe pruning occurs twice a year usually in January and July; however, this may shift due to seasonal weather conditions. Light trimming of shrubbery for aesthetics and curb appeal will continue on an ongoing basis. Recently, notices were sent out stating that spraying for weeds had stopped due to residents complaining the spray was ruining or killing personal plantings. Unfortunately, a recent walk through of the community found the flower beds have become overgrown with weeds and look unsightly. The landscapers have been instructed to resume scheduled weed spraying on all flower beds adjacent to, and nearby, all units unless the homeowner or resident communicates to the management company, in writing, they will be responsible for weed maintenance. Any homeowner or resident choosing to be responsible for weed maintenance will have weed maintenance resumed by the landscapers should the flower beds become overgrown and unsightly.

Rear Decks:  Recent observations found several units whose rear deck areas were in need of cleaning and straightening up. Rear decks, including the area underneath, and on the ground adjacent to the entire rear deck structure, are not to be used for outside storage. All items should be stored in the utility closet on the deck or inside the townhome. Trash and recycle containers are to be stored upright in an orderly fashion at the rear of the unit, not the side of the unit, with lids secured at all times. Where space is available, trash and recycle containers may be placed underneath decks. Grills may be stored neatly on the decks.

Pressure Washing:  Pressure washing of the townhomes was recently done throughout the month of June. Minimal feedback was received from the surveys that were placed on resident doors. Most were pleased with the work while a few were dissatisfied rear decks were not addressed. As has been previously communicated to the community rear decks are the responsibility of the homeowner.

Annual Meeting:  The Board of Directors would like to thank all Members who attended the Homeplace Annual Meeting in May. The Board appreciates the comments and feedback and will continue to diligently work to make Homeplace an even more pleasurable community to live in. The Board would also like to thank those Members who have expressed interest in joining committees the Association has to assist the Board. Any homeowner or resident is always welcome to become a valuable addition to any committee and may submit a Committee Interest Form that can be found on the Forms and Requests tab.

Chimney Caps:  Originally planned as a Capital Improvement project last year, this project was scaled back to be addressed on an as needed basis. With the recent completion of the townhomes being pressure washed some chimney caps have been identified that are leaving rust marks down the siding. The Board has been informed these rust marks will not be removed by pressure washing and is working towards replacing identified chimney caps, as finances allow, before the rust marks worsen.

Satellite Dishes:  Architectural Request Forms are required to be filled out and submitted to the Architectural Committee prior to installation. The Architectural Committee has 30 days from receipt to approve or deny the request. Satellite dishes that are installed on Association property, i.e., roofs (including rear deck utility closets), through siding or brick surfaces, soffits, etc, will have paperwork filed at the Registrar of Deeds at the Guilford County Courthouse, for a fee payable by the homeowner, that relieves the Association, the Board of Directors, and management company of any unnecessary repair expenses that may occur from, but not limited to, leaks or damages at, or near, the site of satellite dish installation, or its cable connections, due to possible, improper installation and including conditions of normal wear. Satellite dishes installed on Association property may void installation and standard product warranties on roofs, siding, and other Association property the satellite dish may be installed upon.

Roof Replacements:  The replacement and installation of new roofs on all townhomes was completed in November 2009 just under a year ahead of schedule due to the Board voting to borrow money from the Operating Reserve Account to supplement the roofing assessment income completing the project earlier than planned. The money borrowed from the Operating Reserve Account will be paid back from the roofing assessment account as homeowners continue to pay their monthly roof assessments through September. All roof assessments are expected to be paid in full no later than September 30th, 2010 and notices are anticipated to be sent out soon to all homeowners who still have an outstanding roof assessment balance.

Reminders:  The Board of Directors now meet on the third Tuesday every other month since the large Capital Improvement projects, i.e. residing, road resealing, and roof replacements, have been completed. All homeowners who wish to discuss a community concern at one of the scheduled Board meetings is asked to please contact the management company one week in advance to be added to the agenda. As always please refer to the General Community Guidelines that are addressed most often regarding Homeplace at Adams Farm for non-compliance.