Front Railings:  The front railing project in addition to the front brick step and stoop replacements resumed during the Spring; however, was temporarily placed on hold to obtain a new masonry vendor. Except for a remaining few, all front railings have been addressed and completed on all townhomes while a few masonry step and stoop work remains. Railings are currently being placed in the Common Area where more than three steps exist. This five-year Capital Improvement project will continue to be dependent on weather conditions, and primarily, as finances allow; however, it is expected to be finished this year.

Exterior Wood:  The window and door exterior wood maintenance continues to be in progress on Autumncrest. The four unfinished buildings from last year were completed first and the remaining buildings scheduled for this year began and are almost complete. There are only four buildings on Autumncrest that remain and they are expected to be completed this year with the maintenance completed on schedule.

Trees:  Identification of trees that need to be trimmed is currently being obtained for the most effective cost to avoid multiple trips on site by the vendor. Some trees that have become overgrown may qualify for removal. Stump grinding where necessary will be noted and occur at a later time after all trees have been initially trimmed and removed.

Vendors:  When vendors are on the property please do not interfere with their schedule giving them direction to perform additional work they have not been authorized to do. All Work Order requests must be received by the management company. Should a vendor be prohibited access to, or from completing work, the account of the homeowner will be billed for the on-site vendor service call.

Homeowner Contractors:  When hiring private contractors to do work in and around your townhome, please verify that they are licensed and insured. In some situations, they may have to also be bonded. Whether you are repairing your deck, replacing the air conditioner, or calling a plumber, or any other activity which requires a professional service, please protect yourself. If you are considering doing work on the exterior of your residence, please coordinate your activity with the management company to ensure that your work is in compliance with the guidelines of the Association by submitting an Architectural Request Form. We want you to ensure that your townhome and valuables and those of other members of the Association are protected when engaged in this type of activity.

Landscaping:  Pruning of shrubs throughout the community was completed just as the Summer season began. Please submit a Resident Work Order for any shrubs and foliage that may need additional pruning on an individual basis. Homeowners and residents may not put down mulch with personal plantings due to its nature for termite attraction and breeding. Personal plantings are limited to the footprint of each townhome lot. No planting of flowers, bushes, shrubs, or trees should occur in the Common Area or they will be subject for removal. Always submit an Architectural Request for approval before planting and a Maintenance Agreement may be required. Aerating and reseeding the lawns will occur sometime during the Fall when conditions are appropriate.

Entrances:  Compliments for the redesigned and refreshed island at the Homeplace entrance on Autumcrest Drive are appreciated. With the redesign of both entrance islands completed each of their flower beds, going forward, will be updated Spring and Fall with seasonal flowers.

Front Doors:  Painting of all townhome front doors was completed along with all shutters for those townhomes that have them; compliments are appreciated. Front door colors for each building will be, and remain, the same color. Corrections were made for a standard uniform appearance. All front doors will be reviewed the latter part of 2018 for 2019 painting maintenance. Should it not appear necessary all front doors will be repainted in 2020. Any damage that may occur by homeowners, their residents, or guests, to the painted surface that scratches, chips, dents, or causes peeling paint, is the responsibility of the homeowner to repair. Contact the management company for the correct paint type and color. As a reminder, changing the style of your front door does require Architectural Request and approval.

Rear Decks:  Rear decks have been observed being used for outside storage. Rear decks, including the area underneath, and on the ground adjacent to the entire rear deck structure, are not to be used for outside storage. All items should be stored in the utility closet on the rear deck or, if appropriate, inside the townhome.

Sanitation:  Trash and recycle containers still continue to remain in front of townhomes, on streets, and sidewalks days after sanitation pickup has been completed. Should trash and recycle containers continue to not be stored properly homeowners will be notified and subject to fines. It is expected every week to have all trash and recycle containers returned to the rear of the unit, not the side of the unit, by 7pm, the day of pickup. Trash and recycle containers are to be stored upright in an orderly fashion at the rear of the townhome with lids closed and secured at all times to prevent attraction of wild or stray animals. Where space is available, trash and recycle containers may be placed underneath rear decks.

Parking:  Complaints continue to be received regarding parking. Residents should not use Visitor parking spaces on a daily basis and is prohibited. Each unit is allocated two assigned parking spaces. Residents or guests parked in assigned spaces of others, on grass, in designated illegal areas, on any of the main Homeplace streets or areas which would cause partial blocking of streets, or driveways, may be subject to towing at the expense of the vehicle owner. Overflow parking is available at the lower rear of the property if all nearby Visitor Spaces are in use.

Reminders:  The Board of Directors usually meet on the fourth Tuesday every other month. All homeowners who wish to discuss a community concern at one of the scheduled Board meetings are asked to please contact the management company one week in advance to be added to the agenda. As always, please refer to the guidelines that are addressed most often regarding Homeplace at Adams Farm for non-compliance located under the Community Guidelines > General tab on the Homeplace web site.