Landscaping:  Pruning of all shrubs and bushes was completed late Winter. New landscapers were hired and have been on the property effective April 1st. These are the same landscapers who maintain the grounds at Cardinal Downs townhomes. Application of pine needles in all areas is being postponed as the primary focus will be to rejuvenate the lawns and address the overgrowth in flower beds and natural areas. Residents who have asked to put pine needles down, may do so, but it is suggested this be done after chemical spraying for weed control has begun and is observed. No mulch may be put down due to its nature for termite attraction and breeding. The landscapers will address plantings that are identified to be resting against or attempting to climb up, on, into, or through, Homeplace units, stoops, steps, railings, or downspouts. The landscapers were chosen based on the all inclusive and continuous standard services they provide and the maintained appearance of Cardinal Downs which is an older townhome community than Homeplace. To view the landscaping at Cardinal Downs take Guilford College Road to Fleming Road. Continue on Fleming Road under Bryan Boulevard and stay straight through the traffic lights at Lewiston Road and Inman Road. Cardinal Way will be on the left after Inman Road. Make a left onto Cardinal Way. Stay straight after the stop sign and Cardinal Downs is on the right.

Storm Damage:  Homeplace lost quite a few trees on the property from the severe straight line winds from the recent storm. Removal of all the trees is being addressed and is in progress. There were no injuries to the residents whose units were struck by the fallen trees. As a reminder, the Association is insured on the Common Area only. The Association does not own any of the townhomes. All homeowners should maintain appropriate insurance coverage for their townhome and personal property with an HO-3 policy, or its equivalent. Homeowners should contact their insurance agent to ensure the proper coverage is obtained.

Front Railings:  After a cold Winter the front railing project has been able to begin. Soon after the contractor was chosen last Fall, the start of the project was delayed due to the weather turning colder earlier than expected. All units have been inspected and prioritized into four groups. Due to the various conditions of the front railings on all units, the project will not be able to be done on a per building basis and units will be addressed on a prioritized individual basis. The goal is to complete the first group, consisting of 22 units, this year. The progression of the project will be dependent on weather conditions, and primarily, as finances allow.

Parking:  There have been reports and observations that residents have been permanently parking in Visitor spaces on a regular basis. Visitor spaces are not to be used by residents as one of their assigned parking spaces. Visitor spaces are for the convenience of all guests of Homeplace and anyone parking in Visitor spaces regularly makes it difficult for guests of others to park for a short time. If any residents have more than two vehicles, they must notify the management company and a space will be assigned at the rear of Hearthwood Court where 7 extra spaces have been created and grouped together. Should anyone observe Visitor spaces being used by other residents as a permanent parking space, please submit a Community Issue Form or call the management company, so that action can be taken to notify the homeowner. If residents continue to park in Visitor spaces, vehicles will be subject to being towed at the expense of the vehicle owner. All vehicles must have license plates and registration that are up to date. Vehicles with expired license plates and registration will be subject to immediate towing from the property without notice at the expense of the vehicle owner. Additionally, none of the parking spaces in the community are to be used for vehicle storage. For other information regarding Homeplace parking the General Community Guidelines can be reviewed.

Sanitation:  Every week all trash and recycle containers must be returned to the rear of the unit, not the side of the unit, by 7pm, the day of pickup. It has been observed trash and recycle containers still continue to remain in front of units days after pickup. Should trash and recycle containers continue to remain in front of units homeowners will be notified.

Rear Decks:  Rear decks, including the area underneath, and on the ground adjacent to the entire rear deck structure, are not to be used for outside storage. All items should be stored in the utility closet on the deck or inside the townhome. Trash and recycle containers are to be stored upright in an orderly fashion at the rear of the unit, not the side of the unit, with lids secured at all times. Where space is available, trash and recycle containers may be placed underneath decks. Grills may be stored neatly on the rear decks.

Reminders:  The Board of Directors meet on the third Tuesday every other month. All homeowners who wish to discuss a community concern at one of the scheduled Board meetings is asked to please contact the management company one week in advance to be added to the agenda. As always, please refer to the General Community Guidelines that are addressed most often regarding Homeplace at Adams Farm for non-compliance.