No exterior construction, erection of poles or masts, alterations, additions or installation of any improvements, including, but not limited to, residences, outbuildings, fences, walls, screens (whether by plants or structures) and other structures may be undertaken without prior review and written approval from the Architectural Committee or Board of Directors.  In addition, no subsequent alterations or modifications of same may be undertaken without additional prior review and written approval from the Architectural Committee or Board of Directors.  Plans and specifications will require showing the nature, kind, color, shape, height, materials and location of the proposed improvements while keeping in harmony with existing structures as to style, shape, color, and size.   Requests may not be permitted if such construction, improvements, or plantings constitutes an unreasonable obstruction of the view of another resident. Should there be an interest in any architectural changes please submit an Architectural Request Form to the management company and upon receipt the request will be forwarded to the Architectural Committee or Board of Directors for review.


Architectural Request Forms will be approved or denied, in writing, 30 days from receipt. Verbal approvals for any Architectural Request are not valid at any time.

Architectural Request Forms are also required when a homeowner wishes to make repairs, replacements, modifications, or additions to property that is the responsibility of the homeowner, i.e., but not limited to, storm doors, skylights, windows, and rear wooden decks, due to the proximity and location these areas may be near, touching, or installed upon or into, in relation and respect to Association property, i.e., but not limited to, siding, brick surfaces, roofs, flashing, soffits, and gutters.

Architectural Request Forms can be downloaded, printed, and then submitted for approval to the management company utilizing the available options below:

  Mail:  The completed form with all original paperwork must be mailed to the address provided on the form. Please make and                   retain copies of all mailed items for your records.

  Fax:  Not a viable option.

  Electronic:  Not a viable option.

  • Architectural Request Form