Homeowners are to always, first, contact the management company for questions, issues, concerns, or suggestions regarding their townhome or the Homeplace community. It is strongly recommended to submit a Downloadable Form for ease of record keeping and tracking.  Homeowners should allow five business days, or until the Friday of the following week, before contacting the management company for a status update regarding an unresolved item.  Should a homeowner feel the response received is not adequate, then at that time, the Board of Directors may be notified utilizing the Contact the Board of Directors link below.

The Board of Directors usually meet on the fourth Tuesday every other month.  When the fourth week is calendar holiday inclusive**, the meeting may be moved back to the third week of the current month, moved forward to the fifth week, should one exist, or to the first week of the following month. All homeowners who would like to discuss a homeowner or community concern, or suggestion, at any Board meeting are asked to please contact the management company at least one week in advance to be added to the upcoming Board meeting Agenda.

At this current time the Board of Directors are currently meeting monthly to keep informed of ongoing and fluid CoVid-19 pandemic updates as they evolve and are available.