Recycle collection is every other Tuesday with trash collection.  In addition, Bulk Waste collection is also provided every other week with recyclables.  The brown recycle containers must be used for all recyclable items.  City of Greensboro, Adams Farm, and Homeplace regulations require that Recycle containers, in addition to weekly Trash containers, should not be placed in front of the townhome unit prior to 7pm, Monday, the evening before collection.  Empty Recycle, and Trash, containers must be returned to the rear of the unit, not the side of the unit, prior to 7pm, Tuesday, the evening of collection. The placement and removal/storage of trash and recycle containers is a City of Greensboro Ordinance under Section 25-13c and Section 25-13d .

When a Holiday falls on a Monday or Tuesday, collection will be one day later.  The Holiday Schedule can be reviewed at the City of Greensboro web site.


First QuarterSecond QuarterThird QuarterFourth Quarter
January 5thApril 13thJuly 7th**October 12th
January 20th**April 27thJuly 20thOctober 26th
February 2ndMay 11thAugust 3rdNovember 9th
February 16thMay 25thAugust 17thNovember 23rd
March 2ndJune 8thAugust 31stDecember 7th
March 16thJune 22ndSeptember 14thDecember 21st
March 30thSeptember 28th

** Indicates the Holiday Schedule will be observed with services scheduled for Wednesday


Trash collection is provided by the City of Greensboro. Clarifications for weekly Trash and Yard Waste collection, every other week Recycle and Bulk Waste collection, and other provided services can be reviewed at the City Of Greensboro web site by clicking on the following, separate, links for each:  Trash, Yard Waste, Recycling, Bulk Waste, Large Appliances, Hazardous Waste, Tire Disposal.