Landscaping:  Pruning of shrubs was completed before the excessive heat arrived for the Summer. Plantings that are identified to be resting against or attempting to climb up, on, into, or through, Homeplace units, stoops, steps, railings, or downspouts continue to be addressed. Please submit a Resident Work Order for any shrubs and foliage that may need pruning on an individual basis. As a reminder, homeowners and residents may not put down mulch with personal plantings due to its nature for termite attraction and breeding. Aerating and reseeding the lawns will occur sometime during the Fall when conditions are appropriate.

Front Railings:  The front railing project continues to move forward. The various conditions of the railings on all units continue to be reprioritized and are being addressed on a per unit basis. The project is over one-third completed, nearing the half way mark, with most of the railings that required immediate attention being done. The progression of the project continues to be dependent on weather conditions, and primarily, as finances allow.

Trees:  Community wide trimming and removal of trees has been completed. Please submit a Resident Work Order to address additional trimming that may be needed on an individual basis should any limbs approach, or touch, roofs, gutters, or the exterior sides of townhomes.

Sanitation:  Trash and recycle containers still continue to remain in front of the units days after pickup. Should trash and recycle containers continue to remain in front of the units homeowners will be notified and subject to fines. It is expected every week to have all trash and recycle containers returned to the rear of the unit, not the side of the unit, by 7pm, the day of pickup.

Rear Decks:  Rear decks, including the area underneath, and on the ground adjacent to the entire rear deck structure, are not to be used for outside storage. All items should be stored in the utility closet on the deck or inside the townhome. Trash and recycle containers are to be stored upright in an orderly fashion at the rear of the unit, not the side of the unit, with lids secured at all times. Where space is available, trash and recycle containers may be placed underneath decks. Grills may be stored neatly on the rear decks.

Reminders:  The Board of Directors meet on the fourth Tuesday every other month. All homeowners who wish to discuss a community concern at one of the scheduled Board meetings is asked to please contact the management company one week in advance to be added to the agenda. As always, please refer to the guidelines that are addressed most often regarding Homeplace at Adams Farm for non-compliance located under the Community Guidelines > General tab.